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We offer multiple services at a great value

Road side assistance

Off Road and On Road Performance

We are ASE Certified in Heavy Duty Equipment. Years of experience with Cat, Cummins and Bobcat. We will work on anything gas or diesel related, big or small.

Our goal is to provide our customers with the friendliest, quickest and most reliable work. We use the most modern and up-to-date equipment.

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Skid Steer

Times are changing…equipment changes. One of the biggest changes in today’s industry is the perception of a “tune-up.” Ask 10 owners their definition of a tune-up and chances are there’ll be 10 different answers.

As part of the 21st Century Tune-up on today’s modern equipment, the following systems should be inspected:

  • Battery, charging and starting
  • Engine mechanical
  • Powertrain control (including onboard diagnostic checks)
  • Fuel

Heavy Equipment

Deductibles are determined at the time you purchase car insurance on your vehicle. Many insurance companies require a deductible on comprehensive, but sometimes a zero deductible can be offered at an additional cost. If you have hail damage

Fixing Hail Damage

Lucky you! Many insurance policies will only send you a check once the repairs have been made, but some will simply send you the amount of the estimated repair cost minus your deductible.


Flood Insurance

Most flood insurance policies require a 30 day waiting period before the coverage is effective. Exceptions include if you've purchased a new home and the closing is in less than 30 days

Why choose CandyCar to help you get flood insurance?

  • Big coverage for a small premium
  • Backed by the Federal government
  • Cover damages not covered by homeowner's
  • Rates tailored to your specific area

Accident Insurance

This insurance provides you with a lump-sum payment after an accident to use as you see fit.1 It can help with out-of-pocket expenses such as deductibles, copays, transportation to medical centers, childcare and more.

Accident insurance through your employer may include benefits for:

  • Contact the Police
  • File an Accident Report
  • Collect Information About Your Car Accident
  • Call Your Insurance Company